The properties of cast iron allow the use of this material for extremely precise production processes, enabling the exploitation of high temperatures to create objects with various designs. Cast iron casting is a process that has undergone constant evolution over time and now incorporates the most advanced technologies and a sophisticated level of control and quality.

CP Group utilises the characteristics of this manufacturing method to obtain high-standard, customisable cast iron castings tailored to the final needs of the customer.

Indeed, there are numerous application areas for components made through grey iron casting, nodular iron casting, or special iron casting, and thanks to advanced design and production processes, CP Group can flexibly adapt to your production needs.

CP Group production capabilities: How we make cast iron castings

The experience of our team of skilled technicians, coupled with a reliable network of external partners, enhances our production capacity, making our brand a reference point for both customers seeking standard products and those with complex requirements.

We have state-of-the-art production plants under the Disamatic brand, an absolute guarantee in the cast iron industry. The cutting-edge machinery we use for your projects ensures consistent standards and uniform quality levels in production.

The flexibility of our processing systems translates into our complete adaptability to customer needs.

The characteristic metal alloy that makes up cast iron consists of iron and carbon (in percentages ranging from 2 to 6.67%). Specific high-temperature melting processes bring about the combustion of these two components, and once the right melting temperature is reached (between 1150 and 1350 C, achieved through blast furnaces), the material becomes liquid.

The cast iron is then cast in special moulds and left to solidify. Once the product is obtained, it generally undergoes sandblasting and deburring of the cast iron castings, as well as other specific processes such as painting, annealing, or stabilisation, which we carry out with the support of an established network of specialised suppliers.

We also have an in-house testing laboratory, allowing us to simulate any application of our products, and thus ensuring the highest quality standards for your cast iron castings.


Applications of our cast iron castings

Thanks to years of experience, CP Group can meet the most specific application needs by producing cast iron castings for various sectors.

For example:

  • the food industry, where it is imperative to use non-toxic solutions and materials which are safe for human health;
  • the agricultural sector, where we manage production and deliveries with effective lean production strategies;
  • gate automation, where we offer a complete range of components designed to overcome the challenges of this particular usage context.


Cast iron castings and nodular cast iron castings

The results of this process depend on the tools and machinery used in the melting and casting phases, as well as the materials that combine to create the cast iron casting. It is precisely based on the material it is composed of that cast iron can be classified as grey iron or nodular iron.

Grey cast iron, also known as lamellar iron, contains carbon in the form of lamellar graphite and is more resistant to impacts and cutting. Nodular iron contains carbon in the form of spherical graphite, making it more workable and of higher quality.

CP Group can handle both types of processing, choosing with you the best alternative according to your projects.

Why choose CP Group for cast iron castings

Our expertise allows us to customise processes and components to provide you with tailor-made elements based on your designs. Our team of specialised technicians can turn your ideas into concrete projects and perform complex reverse engineering procedures.

All of this is always guaranteed with the highest level of security. The projects entrusted to us are protected by internal codes and stringent privacy procedures to prevent their disclosure.

Our streamlined management of production and the supply chain enables us to offer both regular sales orders and Scheduled Sales Orders (SSO): the quantity to be produced is determined during planning, but you can benefit from staggered deliveries based on your internal needs.

Our fast and punctual deliveries can be further optimised with our Fast Delivery service, which guarantees supplies within fifteen working days (in Italy).

The suppliers we choose to work with are certified manufacturers, who can ensure uniform standards for production and quality control. The risk of non-compliance is minimised by our Quality Control Two system, which involves a double level of product and component monitoring, both at the supplier’s premises and at our facilities.

These details enable us to present ourselves as a complete and reliable service provider, to whom you can delegate your cast iron castings and achieve the highest levels of performance and flexibility. Contact us now, to start collaborating with us!