Professionals to design mechanical components to your specification

At C.P. Group S.r.l., we follow our customers in every phase of the mechanical component design. Our highly qualified staff are always available with advanced technologies and reverse engineering services to engineer your project and meet your every need with the maximum privacy.

We are always by your side, right from the design of your solutions.

Qualified staff and avant-garde technology

Our experts use the most advanced, electronic instruments to design mechanical components to specification, which fulfil even the most complex requirement. Our internal test laboratory is capable of reproducing and simulating any applicative situation to always guarantee the highest standards of quality. Furthermore, our internal staff are always ready to go to the customer’s office to discuss and resolve any situation which requires their intervention.

3D scanning and reverse engineering

Thanks to our advanced drawing software and 3D scanner, CD Group can also offer a reverse engineering service: in short, we are able to create technical drawings on the basis of any product sample.

Customer project engineering

Our technical department has qualified personnel, who use the latest generation of instruments and are able to work side by side with our customers to engineer their own projects. The C.P. Group S.r.l. customer has only to provide a drawing and our staff will make the mechanical item required with an infinite number of possible codes.

Protection of your projects

Customer privacy is of major importance for C.P. Group S.r.l. and we are committed to protecting the projects we take on at every phase in production. This is why we give an internal code to every reproduction of our customers’ drawings, to avoid their disclosure.