Production of mechanical components according to the highest quality standards

C.P. Group S.r.l. has the most sophisticated machines available in the sector, equipped with process controllers to automatically manage all the aspects of processing, and allow a continual improvement of productive methods, which is reflected in the constant development of our products.
Our extremely high production capacity is capable of fulfilling the most complex needs without ever overlooking the quality of each individual piece produced.

Customised programme

C.P. Group S.r.l. develops a customised programme of production and supply, which will be capable of responding immediately to the most complicated requests. Our customised programmes, created according to the customer’s sales statistics, offer a complete, assorted stock of products to specification, with the advantage of being able to order only the quantities required. There are two possible supply processes: 1.  PSO – Programmed Sales Order: the customer undertakes to accept the agreed quantity within an agreed date and with the possibility of acceptance based on requirement. 2.    SO – Sales Order: the customer sends an order and accepts the goods on arrival in one delivery.

Qualified checked suppliers

The suppliers C.P. Group S.r.l. works with are only manufacturing and not trading companies: this guarantees high quality standards of production and control, verified by our network of technicians, appointed to check and train all our suppliers across the world. Our intention is to export our know-how with the aim of achieving maximum corporate efficiency, and to help our partners grow and improve, by passing on the legislation and sending equipment and instruments to check the pieces.

Punctual deliveries

C.P. Group S.r.l. partners and suppliers are manufacturing companies located in Italy and abroad, selected because they are capable of guaranteeing not only certified top quality, but also the best quality/price ratio, punctual deliveries and efficient management of any emergencies. These factors are even more obvious when you use our transport and logistics service.

Product traceability

Each component is labelled with the production lot in order to be able to trace the supplier which produced it and all the phases of the process involved. The customer’s code can be added on request.

Fast Delivery Service

Our customers are increasingly discovering we are the perfect partner to transform standard components – of which we have a vast assortment – into special, finished products, created according to the drawing provided. In these cases, C.P. Group S.r.l. can offer a Fast Delivery service according to the customer’s requirements and our production needs, to guarantee wide margins to optimise delivery times. Materials can be supplied within a maximum of fifteen working days in Italy.

Automated, chain cutting service

In addition to a wide, varied range of rolls of industrial chains, C.P. Group S.r.l. provides its customers with an exclusive, automated, chain cutting service. Thanks to the help of machinery patented by our company, we can automatically and precisely cut the chains according to the length requested by the customer.

Thus, we guarantee our clients get not only higher precision and quality than by hand cutting, but also a great economic benefit. In fact, our automated chain cutting service avoids any type of waste and has no extra cost, as it is included in the purchase price per metre of chain to the customer.
In the majority of cases, the chains are also available for delivery within 24h.