Your partner to design and produce mechanical components

C.P. Group S.r.l. specialises in the production of mechanical components to specification, and much more. It can also guarantee you a substantial supply of standard products, which makes it the only contact your company needs, offering maximum efficiency and privacy.

Components to specification for every requirement

C.P. Group S.r.l. has always specialised in projects designed to specification and steps forward when standard mechanical components are unable to fulfil your production requirements. Thanks to the help of the most advanced technology and our solid know-how, we can bring your drawing to life and make personalised mechanical components according to your needs for every production sector.

Standard components

As a specialised company in the sector, C.P. Group S.r.l. understands the importance of component parts to specification and the need to be able to draw on standard products where possible.
C.P. Group S.r.l. is able to respond to this type of requirement by offering customers a single contact for their supply of every type of component.