The large sector that is steelwork, is an indispensable support for the development of numerous industrial sectors. Furthermore, the field of precision steelwork, in particular, exploits the special characteristics of the flexibility, malleability and resistance of the metal to carry out high-performance components and installations.

CP Group specialises in the manufacturing of high-precision carpentry for third parties and our method of supporting companies is based on many years of experience in the sector, which has allowed us to become a trusted ally. What we place at the service of our customers is a qualified team in the conception and design of custom components, a network of specialised partners, a fast and reliable supply chain and the know-how collected in the most transversal application sectors.


The CP Group possibilities for your light carpentry

We can support your projects by taking advantage of cutting-edge analysis and design strategies, which are combined with our constant investments in technology, organisation and the search for external collaborators with high quality standards.

Precision steelwork is at the heart of our company, and we can become your unique reference in the prototyping, realisation and refinement of your mechanical installations. In fact, we are able to deal with all types of processes and finishings, such as:

  • laser and water cutting of sheet metal;
  • bending;
  • welding;
  • punching;
  • assembly;
  • mechanical finishes (such as satin or polishing);
  • electrical tack welding (PEM insertion, riveting, etc.);
  • testing;
  • quality control.

Thanks to a versatile production ecosystem, we guarantee maximum flexibility and the possibility of working on components of the most diverse sizes and shapes. Furthermore, you can count on us to achieve excellent scalability of your projects, which can start as prototypes to be tested and evolve into real series productions.


Precision carpentry, which areas of application?

Our steelwork processes are precise, without flaws, robust and designed to last over time; these are characteristics that make them suitable for the most diverse industrial sectors.

In fact, we collaborate with the agricultural sector, but also with the wood industry, with companies that need industrial transmissions as well as components for the automation of gates, the realisation of packaging or the delicate field of food production.

Whatever the final destination of our products, the common thread is the quality and impeccable performance of precision carpentry designed to meet your expectations.

Design in steelwork: planning

Our team of technicians is able to accompany you throughout the design process with qualified support and constantly updated skills. If your project requires standard steelwork components, we can indicate which are the most suitable and provide them through impeccably efficient logistics processes.

In contrast, if you need a precision custom carpentry, CP Group experts can get to work to find the most suitable solution and meet your construction needs. Advanced design skills and software are an infallible mix, which allow us to always find the proposal tailored to you, even when the requirements and applications of use are highly challenging.

We provide design and reverse engineering services, which allow us to create technical designs based on any product sample you can provide us. It should be noted that, to protect your most confidential projects, we internally code each design, so that maximum privacy and confidentiality is maintained during the storage and processing of metal components.


CP Group’s experience in precision carpentry

We aim to become a true strategic partner, thanks to the provision of a series of services that are concretely essential for the management of your production processes. In fact, over the years we have developed excellent problem-solving skills which have extended not only to the design and production phase, but also to procurement, quality control, logistics and cost optimisation.

Would you like some examples? We use a double quality control system, our Quality Control Two, to offer you a dual check. This takes place both at the production site (to ensure full compliance with the standards agreed from before shipment) and in our metrology room, where we make sure that each product complies with international standards, but also with the requests you have indicated.

In addition, we put ourselves forward as a partner for companies that apply the concepts of Lean Production: for example, we start production only when necessary, following the Kanban method and we guarantee timely delivery according to the Just In Time philosophy (when possible, even within 48h). Furthermore, we develop and coordinate customised supply systems and constantly optimise our inventory and stock management system.

In addition to always ensuring a very competitive quality-price ratio, we develop unique production and delivery systems, which allow you to obtain attractive advantages in terms of cashback, discounts and personalised loyalty programmes.

Designing and producing your precision steelwork with us is, therefore, an effective strategy; it allows you to compete on the market for innovation, prices, design and technology.


Would you like to know more? Contact us and let’s start working on your projects right away!