Innovation in industrial plants is evolving exponentially, thanks to the solid base represented by mechanical components, among which cast iron and aluminium supports play a crucial role. In the complex gears of a wide range of industrial departments, these are the elements that guarantee the stability, robustness, and essential functionality for the optimal operation of production processes.

CP Group’s extensive range of aluminium or cast iron supports is designed to meet the specific requirements of diverse sectors. Furthermore, our efficient workflow organisation guarantees we are a reliable strategic partner, serving as a unique reference point for the engineering, production, and supply chain of your components.

Let’s delve into the utility and versatility of aluminium and cast iron supports and discover how we can collaborate to maximise your productivity.

Aluminium and cast iron supports: features and benefits

Supports for the industry require an extremely advanced degree of technological know how to guarantee safety and performance, along with extended durability and low maintenance needs. CP Group‘s cast iron and aluminium supports find applications in various sectors, including industrial transmissions, agriculture, packaging, gate automation, as well as in the processes and plants of companies involved in food production or wood processing.

When to choose aluminium and when to choose cast iron?


Aluminium supports

Characterised by reduced weight, aluminium supports are ideal when lightness is essential, but structural strength should not be compromised. Aluminium is also known for its versatility, corrosion resistance, elasticity, and good electrical conductivity.

CP Group’s experience often leads us to choose this material for the construction of robust industrial supports. Additionally, we offer an extended range of effective alternatives with the proposal of corrosion-proof aluminium supports, suitable for anodic oxidation and highly workable. Designed in a wide range of sizes and designs as requested by clients, this material is ideal for creating complex sections, piping, closures, decorative details, or components used in contexts where strength and inalterability are crucial, such as in the automotive industry.


Cast iron supports

Cast iron supports stand out for their robustness and durability. Cast iron is one of the most durable materials on the market, featuring specific properties such as a high melting temperature, excellent hardness, and resistance to wear, oxidation, tension and compression. Cast iron supports, therefore, withstand heavy loads and are suitable for applications that require solidity and absolute reliability.

CP Group’s choice of cast iron supports includes both grey iron and nodular iron components, which we can design and manufacture in various sizes, shapes and functionalities. Moreover, we can take advantage of different casting techniques (sand casting, shell moulding) and provide surface treatments via manganese or zinc phosphating.


Bearing supports: essential mechanical components

A bearing support refers to a component consisting of a mounting block that contains the bearing housing. These are essential elements to ensure smooth motion transmission, as well as the absence of vibrations and stresses within transmission systems. Effective rotation of the bearings in the appropriate supports ensures the correct operation of machinery, operational safety, and the long life of the entire installation.

Their use extends to various production sectors, such as agricultural machinery, food production, mechanical industries, conveyor belt handling, packaging equipment or construction. Depending on the type of application and the conditions in which the bearing support is to operate, the choice of components in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, polymers, cast iron, or other materials can be considered.

CP Group’s catalogue offers ball-bearing, flanged, and self-aligning supports, as well as essential accessories such as bearing housings, blocks, and other critical elements. Our production system also allows you to design customised supports to meet the specific challenges of your sector.
CP Group’s cast iron and aluminium supports

CP Group, with its expertise in designing and supplying customised mechanical components, positions itself as a complete service provider for companies seeking tailor-made solutions. We can guarantee you a wide selection of standard products that meet the basic needs of your sector, always available and distributable anywhere through our rapid delivery systems. However,

we specialise in the production of custom-designed mechanical components, crucial when standardized ones do not meet your unique requirements. We can engineer your projects using a team with consolidated know-how and cutting-edge equipment that allows us to execute even sophisticated reverse engineering projects. Our production ecosystem offers maximum flexibility and excellent project scalability, starting from testable prototypes to mass production.

To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your industrial secrets, we employ an internal encoding system and the use of extremely advanced cybersecurity systems.

What to expect from CP Group?

Organisation, reliability and cost optimisation. Our mission is to become a true strategic ally for you, providing essential services for the complete management of your design and procurement processes. Our problem-solving capacity extends to every phase of the workflow, from design to production, procurement to quality control, and logistics to cost optimisation.

We are committed to offering competitive solutions in terms of quality and price, constantly investing in technology, team training, software innovation, quality control systems and efficient logistics strategies.

Our Quality Control Two is a quality control process that involves two different testing phases, at the supplier’s headquarters and in our metrology room, where we ensure that each component meets international standards and satisfies your requirements.  CP Group warehouses are also equipped with high-tech management programs for storage, picking and monitoring: 6,000 pallet spaces, Jungheinrich mobile shelving systems, programmable stocks, digital code scanning methods through Barcodes, and real-time availability checks are just some of the services we offer to those who want to leverage our spaces for warehouse outsourcing.

We can also manage your entire supply chain, effectively automating stock production, orders, and goods shipping. Our solutions align perfectly with lean production processes and the goals of waste reduction and cost optimisation. Following the concepts of the Kanban method, we guarantee timely Just-In-Time supplies (where possible within 48 hours) and structure customised supply systems that also include Planned Sales Orders and convenient loyalty, cashback, and tailored discount solutions.

We deliver your goods worldwide, tracking each shipment from arrival to delivery, and also handle the most complex import-export procedures.

Choosing CP Group as a partner for the supply of cast iron and aluminium supports means adopting a winning strategy to compete in the market, standing out for innovation, design, affordability, and technology.

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