Roller chains are widely used components for mechanical power transmission in various industrial sectors.  An integral part of CP Group’s core business is the design and production of components for drive systems, motion control, and mechanical transmissions, whether it’s linear transmissions, belt transmissions, or chain transmissions.

Specialising in the supply of industrial chains, both custom and standard, we offer our partners an extensive catalogue of roller chains designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our goal is to position ourselves as a 360-degree service provider for all companies looking to optimise their performance, reduce costs, and work with lean systems that maximise productivity.


CP Group transmission chains

In mechanical applications that require efficient power transmission, roller chains play a crucial role and are widely used in industry wherever a high level of safety and reliability in drive systems is essential.

From use in agricultural equipment to applications in the food processing industry, we also manufacture roller chains for conveyors, wood processing, automation, and to optimise the performance of packing and packaging machines.

The use of roller chains allows for the creation of flexible, smooth, and rapid motion transmission systems. These essential industrial components can be single or multiple (double, triple, or quadruple) depending on the product’s purpose and the transmission system’s structure.

CP Group’s production department can manufacture roller chains in standard steel or stainless steel, a construction material known for its excellent resistance to external agents and corrosion. We can also provide nickel plating surface treatments, further enhancing the chains’ ability to withstand wear over time and adapt to particularly challenging usage environments.

In CP Group’s warehouse, we have a wide range of transmission components available. In our roller chain catalogue, you can find:

  • perforated pin chains;
  • protruding pin chains;
  • chains with extended pins;
  • straight plate chains.

Furthermore, our technical department can collaborate with your design and production processes to create custom and off-catalogue components.

Standard and custom roller chains

CP Group’s transmission chains are available in various sizes, but they can also be custom-made with designs, dimensions, and details that do not conform to traditional parameters.

We understand that standard products are essential when you require a fast and well-defined supply of components for your production systems. However, we also deeply comprehend the need for custom mechanical components that can be used where standard parts are not adequate to meet production requirements.

Our technicians’ know-how and the support of cutting-edge design and production technologies allow us to provide customised roller chains tailored to the specific needs of your industrial sector.


Sprockets and gears for roller chains

The links of roller chains are installed on special sprockets or gears, which enable the transmission of power to the mechanical components to be moved. To provide you with a complete transmission system, we also manufacture sprockets for roller chains and gears, which are complete kits that you can use on your machinery to maximise performance and efficiency.


Roller chains for transmissions: CP Group’s advantages

All CP Group mechanical components adhere to strict quality criteria, and our roller chains also comply with the standards “Roller Chain according to DIN 8188-ISO/R 606” and “Roller Chain according to ANSI B 29.1.”

Our expertise in the production of mechanical components enables us to support our partners in every phase of design, prototyping, production, and streamlining of their transmission systems. This allows them to rely on a single technology service provider. We leverage our consolidated expertise in the industry to offer cost-competitive solutions that can boost your investments and performance.

By managing each order comprehensively, we can flexibly adapt our work methods to your business organisation, effectively interfacing with your lean manufacturing systems. We schedule production with precision and, using Kanban and Just In Time principles, we can ensure punctual and rapid deliveries, often within 48 hours.

We also develop customised production and supply programs based on your sales statistics and minimise non-conformity risks through our double quality control. Quality Control Two is a system that ensures the components’ compliance with conventional parameters and agreed supply requirements, thanks to dual checks at supplier production sites and within CP Group’s facilities.


Roller chains are one of the flagship products of our core production. Contact us and together we can plan a production and supply method that optimises your workflow!