Companies that need quality mechanical components prefer to contact partners who can act as a single point of contact for them for the design, production, quality control, logistics and shipping phases. CP Group’s commitment is exactly that of proposing itself as a single point of contact to carry out multi-sector industrial steelwork, that is, ready to adapt to the most diverse and multifaceted applications.

We are focused on the production of customised mechanical components, highly customised and functional to your most specific needs, but we can also support you with a wide catalogue of standard product quickly available to be adapted to your requests thanks to an ad hoc design.

How do we handle your steelwork and what are our areas of specialisation?


Industrial steelwork: the CP Group application sectors

The CP Group staff puts its specialised skills in the design of customised mechanical components at your disposal, perfectly meeting the requirements necessary for your industrial applications. The most advanced technologies, the most sophisticated software and many years of experience are what make our development department a true ally for the engineering of your projects, but also for reverse engineering needs.

In addition, over the years we have built an ecosystem that allows us to handle the production of your steelwork in a streamlined and effective way, following every phase of the process: from cutting to bending, punching, surface finishes, to the most precise and millimetric mechanical machining.

The sectors in which we operate are decidedly heterogeneous. Would you like some examples?

  • We accompany customers in carrying out industrial steelwork projects for the agricultural sector,
    applying lean production methods and handling the realisation of integral parts and mechanical components with certified Import-Italy mixed production.
  • We work side by side companies that develop motion control, mechanical drive and transmission systems, providing the most indispensable components for linear, chain or belt transmissions.
  • We support the protagonists of gate automation, with a vast assortment of mechanical components and cutting-edge carpentry, which aim to resolve the main critical issues in the sector.
  • We also design custom components and carpentry for the packaging and packaging machines sector, integrating into the management with lean production systems, fast shipping services, custom labelling and customised chain cutting.
  • We also understand the particular needs of the food sector, being able to provide products that are in line with its stringent demands and made with special and safe materials.
  • We also collaborate with numerous companies active in woodworking, these make use of our advanced production possibilities and the most advanced industrialisation solutions, always combined with our impeccable supply chain management.


In short, we have a very broad and varied know-how, and we stand out on the market precisely because we have accumulated heterogeneous skills over the years which allow us to support the development of the most diverse industries.


Industrial steelwork in and around Reggio Emilia, Bologna

CP Group’s mission is to free itself from the role of “supplier”, to become a true strategic partner, which bases its professionalism on transparency, responsibility, punctuality, trust and actively listening to the needs of each customer.

Our tailor-made solutions are based on the most advanced technologies in the industry and a work system that allows us to maximise your productivity.


Among our strengths are:

  • a basic price-quality ratio among the most affordable and competitive in the industry;
  • advanced quality control systems for incoming materials, components, processes carried out by third parties and finished products, thanks to extremely precise measuring and quality control instruments;
  • systems to support lean production, waste reduction and production efficiency, which combine the concepts of the Kanban method with timely and always punctual supplies;
  • the customisation of orders, production and deliveries, which allow us to create customised supply (and payment) plans based on customer requests or sales statistics;
  • an excellent transport and logistics network, which ensures maximum speed of deliveries and the most precise tracking of goods, whether they are transported in Italy or abroad;
  • warehouses built with the most innovative shelving, storage, picking and monitoring systems;
  • the professional management of customs clearance practices and import-export procedures;
  • a complete optimisation of costs, also based on sales statistics and loyalty through discount and cashback systems.

Turning to the CP Group to carry out your industrial steelwork is an excellent strategy to optimise your efficiency and your business’ performance!

Contact us for personalised advice and the development of a shared action plan that fully meets all your needs!