In the industrial landscape, the precision and reliability of the components used are essential elements when it comes to optimising productivity and achieving the desired objectives. To meet these needs, C.P. Group S.r.l. offers itself as your unique partner for the production of customised gears, tailored to your needs.

Our decades of expertise in the field and the flexibility of our engineering, production and supply chain services make us the primary point of reference for companies wishing to maximise their competitiveness, starting with the quality of their components.

Gears: customisation and performance

We understand that every industrial application is unique and therefore requires tailor-made solutions. That’s why we offer our partners the opportunity to manufacture custom mechanical components, as well as an extensive catalogue of standard products. Our team of technicians can engineer your projects, producing gears of the most diverse types, shapes and sizes.


Types of gears

Our versatile production capabilities allow us to produce numerous types of gears, compatible with a wide range of specific applications. For example:

  • helical gears;
  • spur gears;
  • bevel gears;
  • roller chain gears.

We can assist you in producing the most suitable components to enhance and optimise the performance of your transmission systems, regardless of their final function.

The materials

Our state-of-the-art machinery can work with the most efficient materials used in the industrial sectors we collaborate with (agriculture, industrial transmissions, automation, food processing, packaging, and wood). We can manufacture your gears in materials such as:

  • C45 steel;
  • case-hardening steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • bronze;
  • aluminium;
  • and more…

These raw materials are chosen for their mechanical properties.

Various sizes, for every need 

We have equipment that allows us to manufacture gears in a wide range of sizes. Indeed, we can cater for components of any size.

From small precision components to larger, more substantial applications, we are prepared to tackle any challenge to meet your needs.


C.P. Group S.r.l. Gear Production

To craft gears and pinions, we rely on highly skilled technicians capable of comprehending and transforming your production requirements into effective projects. It is through their expertise that we optimise the potential of our cutting-edge technologies and an innovative machine park.

Within our production pipeline, we employ state-of-the-art CNC gear hobbing machines and specialised cutters designed for high cutting speeds, capable of shaping the most specific tooth forms as per your design. This level of customisation ensures a perfect gear mesh and optimal performance in the installations where they are utilised.

In addition, we can also produce:

  • gears with longitudinal tooth crowning, particularly useful when achieving perfect alignment between axes is not possible;
  • gears with increased or reduced meshing clearances compared to standard, adjusting the gear tooth profile to accommodate your assembly phases.

Processes and technologies specifically developed for our industry allow us to provide you with maximum efficiency and an excellent degree of surface finish while always adhering to industry standards.


DIN Standards

C.P. Group S.r.l. is committed to ensuring superior quality products, in line with the strictest industry standards. Our gears and pinions are manufactured in accordance with DIN 3962/63/67/71/64 specifications, a benchmark for transmission system effectiveness.


C.P. Group S.r.l.: excellence in approach and service

The C.P. Group S.r.l. brand is represented not only by its high-quality products, but also by a unique approach to service, which includes the adoption of the most advanced lean production concepts, rigorous quality control and a clear mission to optimise and streamline customer production processes.

The key to our quality also lies in our integrated supply chain, which allows us to guarantee fast lead times and impeccable management of the entire production and logistics process.

For companies adopting or implementing lean production, C.P. Group S.r.l. is the ideal partner. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into this type of production, embracing the Kanban method and Just-in-Time supplies both in Italy and abroad.

We offer you valuable warehousing outsourcing by hosting inventory in our facilities, scheduling production and deliveries with a lean perspective, customising them based on your sales statistics, and ensuring a tailored service. This way, we can even guarantee deliveries in just 48 hours for pre-scheduled goods.

Our dedication is also demonstrated by Quality Control Two, our dual-control system that ensures the highest standards are always met and minimises the risks of non-compliance. The attractive price-quality ratio of our products and services is further enhanced by exclusive loyalty programs and enticing personalised cashback systems.

Collaborating with us means choosing to be supported by a competent ally on your path to competitiveness. Safety, compliance, customisation, and flexibility: if you want your gears to be performance-enhancing elements, choose C.P. Group S.r.l. and watch your projects follow the exact course you had envisioned.