For decades, aluminium and stainless steel casting processes have played an essential role in various industrial sectors, enabling the production of components with a diverse range of designs, sizes, and applications.

C.P. Group S.r.l.’s extensive know-how, developed over the years, focuses on the creation of these special castings. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, well-established production processes, and a highly specialised team of technicians in this field, we can provide tailored solutions, always optimising project costs and timelines.

We work closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their needs, positioning ourselves as a comprehensive partner for design, manufacturing, storage, and delivery of high-precision components, aimed at maximising the performance of various production sectors.


Steel and aluminium castings: C.P. Group S.r.l.’s capabilities

We meet market demands by offering a wide range of aluminium and stainless steel casting options. With the modern technologies that characterise our facilities and the cross-functional expertise of our collaborators, we can handle your most challenging projects, utilising various casting types. For example:

  • Investment castings, which allow for the production of precise and complex components needed in numerous applications. Thanks to this modern derivation of lost-wax casting processes, we can manufacture parts with detailed geometric shapes, ranging from a few grams to several kilograms.
  • Shell mould castings, which involve pouring steel or aluminium inside special “shells,” i.e., permanent moulds that are not broken but can be reused. The easy automation of this process makes it ideal for producing components with relatively simple shapes but requiring high production volumes.
  • Die casting, a process that involves quickly pouring, pushing, and pressing molten metal into special moulds, which are then opened to extract the finished pieces. The result is pieces that are precise in design (although not excessively complex in shape) with excellent surface finishing and, if needed, thin and with outstanding physical and mechanical properties. In this case as well, the technique is cost-effective for large series.
  • In addition to aluminium and stainless steel, C.P. Group S.r.l. also offers castings in grey or ductile iron, demonstrating significant versatility in its range of high-quality cast materials. While grey iron is typically chosen for its resistance to impacts and cuts, ductile iron, considered qualitatively superior, allows for more ductile, durable, and long-lasting components, appreciated in various industries (agricultural machinery, earth-moving equipment, transmission systems, suspensions, railway industry, and much more).

In addition to basic machining, our knowledge and a network of highly reliable partners enables us to manage a wide range of additional component processing, such as thermal, mechanical, or surface finishing treatments.


Our custom design service

C.P. Group S.r.l.’s technical department works closely with each client, supporting them from the design phase to development, all the way through to the actual production of the component. We assist you in selecting the most suitable materials for your project by thoroughly studying the requirements of your installations.

Our team of engineers leverages their solid expertise and the most advanced design software to create the designs you need and engineer your project. We can also provide reverse engineering services, starting from a product sample, always ensuring the privacy and security of your designs.


Application sectors for aluminium and stainless steel castings

C.P. Group S.r.l. supplies aluminium and stainless steel cast components to a wide range of industrial sectors, all requiring high-precision components to optimise their performance.

Among the key sectors we confidently serve are:

  • manufacturing components for machinery and equipment in the primary sector;
  • supplying components to manufacturers of packaging machines and packaging equipment;
  • designing and creating custom mechanical components for woodworking;
  • producing kits for linear transmissions, chain transmissions, and belt transmissions;
  • offering solutions for the delicate food industry;
  • designing and manufacturing gate racks characterised by a high level of automation.


Choose the C.P. Group S.r.l. method for your stainless steel and aluminium castings

We guarantee impeccable and consistent quality in our stainless steel and aluminium casting processes, thanks to a customer-centric approach focused on reliability and trust. We provide each of our clients with the technical skills of our team and a highly technological production department, along with advanced quality control systems and an extremely efficient supply chain.

Quality Control Two is our quality verification system, which includes two separate and rigorous check phases: the first on incoming products, at the supplier’s production site, to verify the conformity of the pieces, and the second at our headquarters, to ensure that each product meets conventional parameters and the supply standards agreed upon with the customer.

Lastly, our advanced logistics services can guarantee impeccable management of stocks and deliveries, perfectly synchronised with your production needs. Among our strengths are Jungheinrich movable shelving, 6000 pallet positions for storage, stock programming, optimised picking and barcode scanning systems, and Just-in-Time deliveries thanks to a selected network of couriers.

With our offering of aluminium and stainless steel castings, we aim to contribute concretely to your innovation and the development of your successes. Contact us to test our professionalism and tailor-made solutions!