To achieve synchronous transmissions, toothed pulleys, along with belts, are essential components. They create an extremely precise system with constant speed and no need for lubrication. Easy to install and highly versatile in various applications, toothed pulleys enable the construction of efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective mechanisms.

However, the performance of synchronous transmission systems directly depends on the quality of their components. For toothed pulleys to be effective, they must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the most stringent standards and undergo rigorous final testing.

Supporting the performance of your transmissions is precisely CP Group’s mission.


The construction of toothed pulleys

Designed to efficiently transmit motion to belts, toothed pulleys can be distinguished mainly by the type of belt to which they are paired, as well as by considering other parameters such as:

  • the number of teeth, their width and diameter;
  • the presence of any pre-drilled holes;
  • the material used for construction;
  • the type of application.

CP Group can assist you in choosing any type of material, in addition to the common steel, aluminium, and cast iron, faithfully reproducing your technical department’s needs and helping you make the most suitable choice for your application.

To ensure a proper coupling with belts, our technical department collaborates with the most qualified national and international belt manufacturers and commits to producing pulleys capable of ensuring optimal transmission. Equipped with laboratories and modern production departments, we can interpret market needs and translate them into a constantly evolving range of industrial products.

The combination of toothed pulleys and belts ensures synchronous transmission and the absence of slippage. It also provides smooth motion (as well as no motion losses) and prevents belt elongation. The use of high-performance pulleys from CP Group guarantees transmission with high torque even at low speeds, minimal dimensions, and quiet operation, making our components adaptable to any application context.

Our years of experience have given us the know-how to provide each customer with specialised support and qualified consulting for identifying the best construction alternatives. We have gathered transversal expertise by assisting clients in various construction sectors, including agriculture, industrial transmissions, gate automation, food, packaging, and wood.

You can rely on our ability to customise toothed pulleys, which can be designed according to your specific requirements. Additionally, our well-established partnerships with the best suppliers in the region enable us to harness cutting-edge technologies and construction materials.


Why partner with CP Group?

Putting quality at the centre of every decision is the challenge that we have committed to and have carried with us throughout our journey. We continually study the industry for innovation, source materials with the most effective characteristics, consistently expand our supplier network through targeted audits, and invest in our human resources to ensure our components reach the highest standards of design and functionality.

Here are some key advantages we are proud to offer:

  • An in-house technical department responsible for project analysis, prototyping, and setting up optimised workflows.
  • A consistently balanced quality-to-price ratio: thanks to the meticulous design of our products, we combine the highest production standards with consistently cost-effective proposals.
  • Storage services in our extensive warehouses, offering customers … square metres of space, with guaranteed security and smart management through modern logistics systems.
  • A production department equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, compatible with the most specific production and customisation needs. This comprehensive service allows us to meet every request quickly and deliver results that exceed expectations.
  • An integrated supply chain that interfaces with your lean production systems, ensuring fast shipments and crucial production optimisation.
  • A double quality control system that minimises the likelihood of non-conforming parts, thanks to modern certified instrumentation.
  • Utmost confidentiality in managing relationships and concrete protection of the customer’s design drawings.

Our goal is to become a true partner for the most advanced production projects. If you need our toothed pulleys and want a quote or consultation, contact our sales department immediately and discover how we can collaborate effectively.