Preassembled transmission chains, tailored to your specific application needs.

There is a more practical solution to this requirement: C.P. Group S.r.l.’s exclusive automated chain cutting service. In addition to offering a wide range of industrial chain coils, we can also take care of the essential chain cutting process, crucial to making the product you’ve purchased more user-friendly and significantly more cost-effective for your supply needs.

Discover more about this opportunity, which complements C.P. Group S.r.l.’s services and commitment to efficiency and quality.


Chain cutting: how does it work?

Our technical expertise, combined with a dedicated internal organisation, and specially designed machinery and equipment, enables us to meet every request for custom-made and specifically designed chains. This service is essential in various industries such as the food industry, agriculture, automation, transmissions, packaging production, or wood processing.

Using patented machinery from our company, we can automatically and precisely cut any type of chain, providing you with a component ready for assembly, whether open-closed with a reinforced ring or closed with a joint, perfectly adhering to your requirements and usage needs.

With state-of-the-art machinery and specialised collaborators, we guarantee the highest quality of results and superior performance compared to the manual process you might carry out internally. Additionally, this service offers significant economic advantages as it:

  • doesn’t divert resources from your normal production processes;
  • prevents material wastage;
  • comes at no additional cost to you since it is entirely free of charge.

We can cut any type of chain from the C.P. Group S.r.l. catalogue (roller chains, etc.),  working seamlessly with standard, single, double, or triple chains.

Trust C.P. Group S.r.l. and maximise your results

We have built our expertise by supporting the most ambitious companies in streamlining their processes. Today, we can provide tailor-made products that meet the specific needs of your industry and design and manufacture customised mechanical components for you.

To achieve this, we rely on the expertise of a qualified team, advanced engineering technologies, the ability for reverse engineering, and an in-house testing laboratory capable of simulating any application scenario. Furthermore, we always operate with the utmost respect for privacy and the protection of your projects.

We can help you effectively optimise your costs and procurement and production processes, based on a proven double quality control system (supplier and in-house), as well as lean production systems that leverage the efficiency of the Kanban method and the speed of Just In Time supplies, both in Italy and abroad.

Planning your product production, storage, and delivery with us means cost containment and increased growth opportunities for your business. Contact us to get all the information you need about our automated chain cutting service and the other possibilities offered by C.P. Group S.r.l.!